About The Network:
The Social Housing Safety Network Scotland is primarily focused on tenant and resident safety for local authority and housing association landlords. Our main focus is to share the skills, knowledge and experience of industry leading practitioners to support network members in understanding their statutory obligations, the importance of measuring their organisation's performance and how to evidence compliance for tenant and resident safety.
The Network was founded by Vicki Cutler alongside three other co-founding practitioners. As a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Vicki is a sector leader in health and safety, with a particular focus on tenant and resident safety. Vicki was instrumental in the development of, and managed, a successful health and safety network across the UK and latterly working alongside another of our co-founders, Louise.
Having been a practitioner to the housing sector for almost 20 years, Vicki has built a professional network of industry leading associates, who are competent across all areas all of tenant and resident safety. In addition, Vicki is a dedicated board member for a Scottish housing association, and felt she wanted to give something back to the Scottish sector; establishing The Social Housing Safety Network Scotland was the perfect opportunity to do this and to share a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience and connect like-minded social housing practitioners with one another.
Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd:
After relocating to Scotland, Vicki established a second specialist consultancy, Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd, to focus on the provision of social housing related consultancy and training, specialising in tenant and resident safety services. The business has grown organically to become an industry recognised leader for training, independent auditing and consultancy across all areas of the UK, but predominately with social housing clients in Scotland.
The Social Housing Safety Network Scotland is independently run and led, as part of the wider Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd brand.